Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Darryl J. Quarles

I have been a fan of screenwriters for many, many years and when I find one that I think has extremely great talent, I like to let others know about that writer.

The Writer that I have chosen to share with the world, is an African American screenwriter named, Darryl J. Quarles.

Darryl J. Quarles is probably the most successful African American writer in the history of Hollywood, yet, he isn't that well known.  His movies have hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office and he's worked for most of the major Hollywood studios, including, Paramount, Fox, Universal, Columbia, Sony Pictures, Disney and Warner Brothers.

DARRYL J. QUARLES (Writer/Director/Producer) Biography Darryl J. Quarles was born in Compton California, where he grew up with five other siblings, along with his mother and father. Upon graduating from high school, Darryl scored within the top 10% of the state on the SAT, and was excepted into The University Of California At Los Angeles. After enrolling at UCLA, Darryl chose Political Science and Economics as his majors, and had dreams of becoming a world known attorney. Darryl excelled at UCLA and was an honor student. After attending Law School, Darryl’s chosen career as a Lawyer was quickly detoured when he won the Writer’s Guild of America West’s first time writer’s contest. Darryl’s writing career began as a televison writer, where he wrote for several top ranked network shows that include Family Ties, Growing Pains, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Parent Hood, and later in his career Darryl created his own televison series for My NetWork TV, “Under One Roof,” which he executive produced, and was also show runner . Darryl quickly excelled in the television industry, and after many years in the television arena, Darryl decided to broaden his creative writing by entering the realm of feature films. Darryl ‘s screenwriting career flourished after selling his first screenplay within two days. He is now one of the most sought after Hollywood Screenwriter’s ever. His credits include Big Momma’s House, Bad Boys, The Love God, Soldier Boyz, Black Knight, Rat Race, There Goes The Hood and many more, including his most recent, “Sanford And Son” the movie, for Sony Pictures. During his career as a feature writer, Darryl has worked with and has maintained very strong relationships with several of the industries most respected talents. A few of whom include, Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Chris Tucker, Paul Gimanti, and Antoine Fuqua. Darryl’s career as a screenwriter is unparalleled with over 23 movies sold, and well over several hundred million dollars in world wide box office sells. He is now one of the top box office grossing African American screenwriter’s in the history of Hollywood.
Darryl J. Quarles Filmography
SANFORD AND SON – (Writer/Producer) SONY Marc Toberoff, Benny Medina, Jeff Pollack (Producer)
THE LOVE GOD – (Remake/writer/Producer) Universal Pictures/Imagine Ent.
ABSOLUTE JUSTICE – (Writer/Producer) Emmett/Furla Films
FAMILY REUNION – (Writer/Producer) WARNER BROTHERS Antoine Fuqua (Director) Lela Rochon attached
MERCY – (Writer/Producer) Emmett/Furla Films
BLACK TO AFRICA – (Writer) 20th Century Fox (Animation) Fried Films
ROAD DOGS – (Writer) Paramount Pictures/Tom Nunan (Producer)
THE BOMB – (Rewrite) Warner Brothers/Magic Hallway Pictures
BIG MOMMA’S HOUSE 3 – Writer 20th Century Fox/Regency Ent.
BIG MOMMA’S HOUSE 2 – (Source material and creator) 20th Century Fox Regency Entertainment, Friendly Productions, You Go Boy Productions
THIN ICE – (pitch) (Writer/Exec. Producer) REVOLUTION STUDIOS Cuba Gooding Jr. (Exec Prod./Actor)
BLACK KNIGHT – (Writer/Producer) 20th Century Fox
BIG MOMMA’S HOUSE – (Writer) 20th Century Fox Regency Entertainment, Friendly Productions, You Go Boy Productions
SO THIS IS LOVE – Screen Gems (Writer/Director)
IF THE SHOE FITS – (pitch) (Writer/Director) Sony Pictures Releasing Baumgarten Management
STRAY DAWGZ – (Writer/Exec. Producer) New Line Cinema Cube Vision/The Firm (Ice Cube attached)
UNDERGROUND BOUNTY HUNTER – interactive online video game (Writer/Director/Producer)
COURT ORDERED – (Writer) Sony Pictures Releasing Martin Lawrence attached
GUESS WHO’S PRESIDENT – (Writer) Chris Tucker attached as actor/producer
RAT RACE – (Writer)Buena Vista Pictures/Bruckheimer Films
Bad Boys -- (Writer) Columbia Pictures Simpson/Bruckheimer Films
THERE GOES THE HOOD – (Writer/Producer) Universal Pictures
FREAKNIK – (Writer) New Line Cinema Metropolitan Filmexport
Soldier Boyz – Motion Picture Corporation of America
Under One Roof – Executive Producer/ Creator – Fox Television
McG/BIG BOY RADIO STATION COMEDY – (PILOT/ CREATOR) Fox Broadcasting Writer/Exec. Producer
THE PARENT’HOOD – (Exec. Producer) WB Network
THE COSBY SHOW – (Producer/ Co EP) NBC
CLEGHORNE – (Story Editor) Fox
FAMILY TIES – (writer) Paramount Television
AMEN – (Story Editor) Carson Productions
L.A. LAW -- Writer